"What a blessing the Scriptorium was! What an anticipated evening! And it was an evening that did not disappoint! Though all participants felt nervous and uncertain in this first ever Scriptorium experience, we were all drawn in to the amazing things that happen when the powerful tool of God's Word is offered up in generous portions by those who have spent much time absorbing its individuals, friends in the midst of a camping trip, or a multi-generational family, savoring the uniqueness of each presenter. Whether an experience memorizer or a first time memorizer, each presenter, from age 3 to 92, conveyed with faithfulness the already eagerly inquiring about the next Scriptorium. We give fervent thanks to God for the blessing of memorizing, presenting, and hearing His Word here in Macon, GA, and look forward enthusiastically to the next opportunity." 

-Barbara Fike, Macon GA Scriptorium Host

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