About Scriptoriums

In the centuries between Christ and the modern era, God raised up believers to preserve hand-written copies of His precious Word from the dangers of tyrannical governments, Ignorance, and neglect. 

These scribes copied the Scriptures in a room called the "Scriptorium", and they passed on to us the fruits of their labors - Biblical manuscripts, faithfully recorded and painstakingly copied.

In the tradition of those dedicated themselves to transmit God's Word faithfully, we are gathering those who desire to faithfully transmit God's Word through the spoken word. Believer's will come together to recite God's Word for the encouragement of others. 

Since 2006, we have been gathering for a rich time of sharing entire chapters and books of the Bible, recited dramatically and creatively by people like you! The Scriptorium draws people of all ages from all over the U.S. Immerse yourself in the transforming power and truth of God's Word by listening and proclaiming chapters and verses of the Bible with fellow believers.

Scripture Memory Fellowship

Scripture Memory Fellowship's mission is to enable believers around the world to memorize God's Word in an effective, life-changing way. 

Since 1944, our materials have provided systematic Scripture memory plans that help people overcome common roadblocks to their memory efforts. We're building a community of memorizers who can come together - online and at annual events - to encourage one another in treasuring the life-giving words of God. 

Scripture Memory Fellowship is the successor to Bible Memory Association (BMA), founded by Dr. N.A. Woychuk more than 70 years ago. We operate primarily in North America, but we also have partners in Spain, Indonesia, and throughout Latin America and Africa.